Are Celtic Rings Scottish?

Are Celtic Rings Scottish?

Celtic rings are some of the most beautiful and versatile pieces of jewelry that a person can own. The intricate design and the metals used in Celtic rings appeal to jewelry enthusiasts young and old. The rings that you can buy here are believed to have originated in Scotland or Ireland. The Celts certainly have a connection to Scotland, but to say that Celtic rings or Celtic designs are strictly Scottish would not be true.

Who Were the Celts?

The Celts were not just Scottish. The culture was spread out from the Black Sea to Spain and was composed of small tribes of people across the world. They had a common language and culture and were known as ruthless warriors by their adversaries. The Romans looked down on them and considered them savages. In actuality, they were artists and philosophers who were ahead of their time in many ways.

Celts lived during the Iron Age, and they made beautiful artwork from iron, including jewelry with detailed designs. Celtic designs are recognizable by their use of spirals and intricate patterns.

The Celts were quite civilized and were the first people in Europe to wear pants. 

They did not believe in writing down their teachings lest they should fall into the wrong hands, so they relied on Druid storytellers to pass along stories of their culture. The Druids also passed along the laws of the Celtic culture verbally. Their lack of written text is what makes them so mysterious and mythologized.

Why is Celtic jewelry associated with Scotland?
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A Celtic tribe known as the Picts inhabited Scottland around 700 BC. They were known for their colorful tattoos. The Picts had a style of jewelry that was similar to that of other Celtic tribes. 

Scottish people used jewelry for practical purposes. They did not wear a lot of rings during the time that the Celts were around. They used kilt pins to hold their clothing in place, and broaches were often used to hold clothing together. The bronze and silver from which Celtic jewelry was made were a good match for these practical, wearable pieces of artwork.

There are many other types of Scottish jewelry that had nothing to do with the Celts. Scottish Pebbles are very popular in necklaces. Today, people in Scotland wear all different kinds of jewelry, including dark and somber Victorian pieces. Edwardian jewelry is also quite popular in Scotland. It is known for its delicate look and the way it uses beads and metal together.

In the 1800s, tourists discovered Scotland because the country was made much more accessible because of rail lines. People started bringing Scottish adornments back home, and soon Celtic jewelry became known as a type of Scottish jewelry. 


Several different types of brooch designs are used in Celtic style Scottish jewelry. Penannular broaches, which resemble a torc, generally have a horseshoe shape with a sword going through it. The Luckenbooth brooch features a design of two hearts together. It is often given as an engagement present. You will often see the Luckenbooth pattern in Scottish rings.

A Scottish-Celtic ring always makes a beautiful gift. It is the type of present that the person you give it to will cherish for years to come. You can get a piece of Celtic jewelry from several different kinds of metals, so it is the perfect gift whether you are on a budget or have plenty of money to spend.