6 footwear Trends to dominate in 2022/23

2022/23 Footwear trends are expected to be quite playful, childlike design aesthetics, hippy influences, and summer-like bright hues will be commercially a great success due to post-pandemic change in consumer values.


People in the present circumstances are passing through the multiple transformations pushing them to modify the way we used to live and roam. Consumer's new and unique values are emerging while the social and lifestyle system is quite different compared to two years back what we used to see and live in. 


The present condition has multiple future consequences, demands to resist the situation and provide the solutions to help live the changes.



In our report, our focus is on the consumer's lifestyle demands and the aesthetic needs that are the outcome of the consumers emerging choices in daily living for comfort, playfulness, and the impact on emotional desires. 


For the footwear textures, colors, and design, the consumer seeks radiant tones and celebrates aesthetics that make the footwear design quite glamorous, and ready for the party.


Key footwear colors


Vibrant and festive hues that lift the consumer mood at present are the most rudimentary characteristics of the colors consumers would love to wear and flaunt after the pandemic.


Neonish and hot pink, green, red, and vibrant blue tones will be relished when applied on a white and black base!


Prints- colorful camouflage patterns, Summer Stripes, digital virtual patterns.


Design aesthetics—Fringes, Transparencies, quilt, slouchy, and lightweight indoor-outdoor aesthetic. Padded surfaces seek products that add physical and emotional comfort.


Materials- biodegradable and bio-based waterproof coatings and apply on recycled nylon, or responsibly sourced leathers to increase functionality sustainably.



Seasonal 2022 footwear Direction-


  1. Catwalk S/S 2022 major footwear direction focuses on comfort and joy as a key motive. Colors are a mostly bright and joyful mix for sleepers and sneakers as seen in MSGM, Givenchy, and Lacoste's Footwear.
  2. Collina Strada brings nomadic influence to their sneakers that include fringes details for the euphoria-seeking sentiments.
  3. Braided straps, colorful knitting, and open stitching on sneakers and slippers bring a joyful hippy spirit.
  4. Sandals get updated to the flat, cushioned platform sole from medium height to a little more elevated versions. Overall, the catwalk trend dominated for comfort and carefree directions.
  5. Sneakers have become more experimental and colorful, with chunky-soled platform styles becoming the easiest and most comfortable look.
  6. Chunky soles and athletic-leaning touches like Velcro straps, neoprene fabrics, and cut-out designs make these sandals an ultra-cool addition to your wardrobe.


6 Consumer insights for the footwear Industry 


According to our 2022/23 consumer analysis, we have observed six incremental changes in consumers' lifestyles that will define the footwear demands, especially in the sportswear category as we are discussing below.


1- Great comforts

  • Lacoste

  • Lacoste

  • MSGM

Pandemic has changed how we wear the shoes and our new defined purposes associated with walking and staying home during the lockdown now will focus on airy and cushioned shoes and sandals with foot beds and padding features.


Cutouts, reflexes, foldable sneakers that would make it feel like wear worthy for home and outdoor conditions. Colors are very bright and have a vivid appeal to emotionally help consumers changed behaviors.


2- Festive and disco like footwear

  • Collina Strada S/S 2022

  • Collina Strada S/S 2022

  • Collina Strada S/S 2022

Brands are recognizing the importance of uplifting people during times of uncertainty and distress, and the role they can play in this process. In the coming months, brands will highlight good news and emphasize positivity in communications to give consumers a break from the doom and gloom.


By offering fun and playfulness—whether through digital entertainment or in-person experiences—brands can permit consumers to feel joy as they recover from the pandemic. Consumers will continue to rely on brands to enable them to escape their everyday worries, stresses, and boredom.


Collina Strada's S/S 2022 footwear styles are quite playful, that make us feel for the festive mood through fringes, cloth overlay and burst of tie and dye vivid colors. This appeals to consumers’ growing recognition of the need to find joy in daily life and in being at the moment.


In addition to offering novel experiences, brands will encourage consumers to play and have fun with everyday routines, such as experimenting with fashion, footwear, beauty, food, and cooking, particularly as the pandemic disrupted many of these routines.


3-Outdoor Oasis-Nomadic hippy footwear looks

  • Etro

  • MSGM

  • MSGM

City dwellers are searching for an Outdoor Oasis to support their mental and physical wellbeing. Consumers still desire socialization and human connection, despite the health hazards associated with large gatherings.


An Outdoor Oasis provides a change of scenery and enables the feeling of connectedness while disconnecting from crowds. Dining, exercising, socializing, and relaxing in open-air venues become essential for trapped consumers.


As remote work becomes the new normal, exchanging time in the city for rural life is appealing. Rural communities are less polluted, offering a healthier environment, and moving out of costly cities helps ease the financial burden endured during an economic slowdown. Consumers want to go back to basics if the technology is available to stay in touch online and participate in virtual experiences.


Etro and MSGM for their S/S 2022 footwear brought the platform and Hippy style sandals tied with braided straps on ankle and ready to explore the world with grace. Braided straps, colorful knitting, and open stitching on slippers bring a joyful hippy spirit.

4- Summer Nostalgia.

  • MSGM

  • MSGM

  • MSGM

Pandemic has shifted consumer desire to look back and remember the beautiful moments that were calm, soothing, and relaxed. The resurgence of the dreamy emotion fuses natural elements with memories to present a summer nostalgia vacation style that connects modern and the past.


Last summer nostalgia creates a healing holiday atmosphere for busy urban teenagers and composes a casual summer rhapsody. With the memories of the passionate and romantic California sunlight, we reinterpret the highlights and charm of that golden era.


As seen in MSGM's S/S 2022 runway, colorful stripes on slippers and comfort for walking on beach sand reminds us of the retro nostalgia.

5-Youth Grunge

  • Dsquared2

  • Matty Bowan

  • Matty Bowan

While people were expecting to enjoy holidays and Christmas amid the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, multiple lockdowns turned consumers feel the government is deliberately curtailing their rights due to political motives.

Streets are filled again with protestors are confirming people are ready to challenge the establishments yet again. These activists are leading to a new consumer group that is anti-government and believes in setting its own rules.




What currently everyone demands are joy and freedom- freedom from every restraint and hit the streets, an outdoor world in a hippy and nomadic way. The fashion industry must use the fearless attitude of extreme youth to present the classic charm of street culture. Art forms like graffiti and rap are just like their mother tongue and become the manifestos of self-expression.

6- Kidcore

  • Mark Fast

  • Nordstorm

  • Yuhab Wang

Covid 19 made people feel aged. “Covid-19 has taken a toll on everyone.


When things go wrong, besides getting or dealing with the virus, that puts additional pain on the process of getting old, or just feeling old Mental health practitioners also warn that the constant news of people losing their lives to Covid-19 and time spent in isolation could weaken and age the mind. This has a ripple effect on the body.


The novel coronavirus pandemic has exhausted us. Time feels heavy and draining. Tuesday was a week. April seemed an eternity. Grief, anxiety, tedium, loss of control, restriction of movement, none of them rejuvenating, are part of our regimen.


Another casualty is “we’ve lost a kind of innocence. Our children have lost a kind of innocence,” says psychiatrist Michael Baime, director of the Penn Program for Mindfulness at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Matthew Moskovitz, 17, Natasha’s brother, says, “I feel a lot more lethargic.


There’s no motivation to exercise.” It’s a bore not having to be at a specific place at a given time. “It’s sort of an existentialist question: What’s the point of having a set structure?” He misses structure.


We may also be aging in reverse, reverting to youthful behavior. Like occasional tantrums. Or, at every possible meal, desiring ice cream, noodles, sugary cereal, and massive quantities of peanut butter straight from the jar.


As consumer's desire for young and childlike looks are rising, logos, butterfly, and burst of vivid colors are the important aesthetic that must be included in designing shoes, slippers, or sneakers in 2022.

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