5 Men's Hat Trends to Dominate in 2022/23

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For the AW 2022 season, there are very colorful hats spotted across the runway and the global streets. There are so many kinds of hats to choose from that you will never get bored adding new and exciting hats to your wardrobe. From casual hats to ones that dress up even the most basic outfit, there is a hat out there for everyone!

If you have been wanting to start adding some hats to your closet, now is the time! These are the hat trends that you need to dominate so that you always look your best. When you have fun and unique hats in your closet, you will be able to create your unique style sensibility while also keeping yourself comfortable in any kind of weather!

Men's Hat Trends to Dominate

1.  The Fedora

Fedoras and other classic hat designs are some of the best hats to add to your closet. This is a hat style that is never out of fashion, and you can wear a fedora or a classic hat of another style with any outfit. This is a great choice for travel as well since this hat is easy to take with you on a trip, unlike some wide-brimmed hat styles.

Most classic hats are made of soft and pliable materials that conform to your head readily and will keep off the sun and the rain for you as needed. You will love that you can keep your head from being sunburned while also not getting too hot. Fedoras are one of the most flexible hat styles to add to your collection, and you can pair this hat with almost any outfit that you own.

2. Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats might seem like they are only suitable for use in places like Texas, but that is not the case! The cowboy hat can be made from many materials, and it can suit all kinds of styling choices. You can get a leather cowboy hat for a more subtle style opportunity, or you might want to get a straw hat for a more casual look. 

Cowboy hats are always in style, and they remain one of the best options to place in your closet for easy access to an accessory that will completely change the way an outfit looks. This is always a really good hat style to choose if you have a large head or are in between sizes since most cowboy hats come in a full range of sizes and hatband shapes.

3. Sock Cap
  • Dsquared2

  • Dsquared2

  • Dsquared2

While this might seem like the most casual hat that you could decide and one that you would only use to keep warm, this is not actually the case. Sock caps are very flattering for most head shapes and sizes, and they can be made in many colors and in lots of unique fabrics as we have witnessed in Dsquared2's AW 2022 men's fashion week at Milan m.

You can opt for a sock cap without a brim, but getting one that includes a brim can make the whole feel of your outfit different.

This is a wonderful choice if you want a practical hat that can travel readily without being damaged, and if you value protection from the elements that do not bring down your style. Sock caps are an excellent option to have in any closet since they can be worn with almost anything and because they are so practical.

4. The Bucket Hat
  • Fendi AW 2022

  • Fendi AW 2022

  • Fendi AW 2022

Bucket hats are another old-fashioned style that is always making a comeback every few years. This is a very comfortable hat style that works for most head shapes and hatband sizes, and you will love that you can travel with this hat without issue as well. There are various ways that this style of hat is designed, and you will be able to choose from all of these different shapes and styles when you are picking out your bucket hat.

This is also a really good hat style for your needs if you want to keep the sun off your face or if you want to stay dry when it is stormy out. Most of these hats are made of textiles that are soft and comfortable, so you will never have to worry about your bucket hat giving you a headache or pinching your head.

5. The Newsie Cap

Tweed hats that remind you of the cast of Newsies are always in style, and these are one of the most fun hat styles to dominate. Adding this kind of hat to your closet gives you the chance to make your outfits more stylish almost immediately. There is something really classic and still fun about this hat style, and these are typically very comfortable hats to wear all day as well.

Tweed is waterproof, and you will be able to count on your hat to keep your head comfortable in the heat and the cold. This is a hat that packs well in a bag, too, so you will be really comfortable traveling with this hat if you want to bring your unique sense of style with you on a work trip or a vacation.

Rocking The Right Hats Can Make Your Style Unique

If you have been struggling to find the big hat styles to make your sense of style clear, these are the most trendy and relevant hats that you can be wearing today. You will get practical functionality out of these hats, as well as styling benefits that are not offered by something as simple as a ball cap.

Picking from these hats will set your wardrobe apart from others, and you will love having access to so many different accessories to mix and match with your favorite clothing. Hats are practical as well and can serve as personalized accessories, and you will love that you can update and change your wardrobe so readily with each hat that you add to your closet. Picking from these well-designed and fun hats will make it easy to make each of your outfits personal and special.