5 Home and decor trend to Reduce kitchen Carbon Footprint

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As consumers are looking to find the sustainable way of creating things be it fashion, home or kitchen decoration. Our Planet has been plagued with global warming for a long time and the effects are only amplifying everyday. From large-scale things like melting glaciers, frequent droughts and floods, to small-scale things like abnormal changes in weather, our lives have been damaged from time to time due to this crisis.

It’s about time that we start playing our role in saving the environment that we have destroyed with our own hands. A collective effort must be made by us to save the earth by reducing our carbon footprint now! And that should begin from your own home. Since in our homes, the kitchen is the centre of everything. It’s only natural that it makes one of the largest contributions to the carbon footprint.

Good for everyone (literally!) we found some simple ways you can start living a greener life and reduce the carbon footprint of your kitchen!: 

Consumers reducing the use of Plastic- re-use trend

This is single handedly the most effective way of reducing carbon footprint. Replace polythene bags with paper bags, jute bags, tote bags etc anything that you can reuse and recycle.

When it comes to storage boxes even if you do go for plastic look for the ones that can be easily recycled or better yet use glass or wooden storage boxes that last longer. Eradicate the plastic plates and cups out of your house. Earthen pots can be the perfect alternative for cooking and even storage and ceramic plates, glasses and spoons can replace your plastic utensils not at a very high price. 

Energy Efficient Appliances 

The burning of fossil fuels is the leading cause of global warming and our kitchen appliances that run on electricity come from these resources. So opt for gadgets and appliances that are efficient, durable and work to save energy in the longer run. Like induction cooktops, speed cooking ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and much more. These appliances have a well developed system to minimise their use of electrical energy.

Not only will you save in terms of your electricity bill but choosing energy efficient appliances will decrease your kitchen’s carbon footprint. 

Sustainable Eating Trend

It may come as a surprise to many of us but the food that we eat has a contribution of almost 34% or a third of the greenhouse emissions. You must understand that this emission has a lot to do with cultivation, processing and food distribution.

Sustaianble eating
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How you can reduce this impact is by avoiding buying from unsustainable farmers and companies. Look for more organic, local and unprocessed foods this way your kitchen’s contribution will considerably decrease. There are many companies that now claim that they produce sustainable food, start buying regularly from them and encourage everyone around you to buy sustainable food also! 

Ethical Cooking 

Since we are cooking all the time you must be wondering how we are going to do without it. Well, it is not important to stop cooking altogether. What you need to do is monitor your usage of gas, electricity and water. Oftentimes we place a small pan on a large stove and end up wasting plenty of gas.

Don’t put excessive water in your food while cooking so that you don’t waste water and plenty of heat then to dry that water out. One small change that you can easily make is start using lids so that the heat remains trapped inside and the food cooks quickly. Another thing you can do is use the microwave more frequently. 

Kitchen Garden 

Who doesn’t love a cute little kitchen garden with all their favorite veggies? Especially if your kitchen garden is reducing your negative impact on the Earth. You don’t have to be an expert to be doing this. Begin with simpler things like some herbs and spices. You can easily grow mint leaves, parsley, coriander, curry leaves, spring onions and a lot more things if you are a little dedicated to saving the earth. The food distribution process is one of the leading causes of greenhouse emissions, you can save the travelling costs and emission by growing your own herbs and spices. Moreover, this would be a great pastime for anyone who is at home. 

There’s no time to keep thinking about the change, this is the time to act and save the earth for us and those to come after us! Let’s get together and aim for a greener life.