S/S 2024/25 Intimate Trend- Key Items

S/S 2024/25 Intimate Key Item Trend

22 OCTOBER 2022 - DURATION- 2Hr.

S/S 2024/25 Intimate market Key Items

Join F-trend's S/S 2024/25 Intimate market trend guide, covering the Key Items analysis, buyers briefing, Style, details, Color and Print analysis. You may also buy the full reports category wise. Suitable for designers, Buyers, and marketers.

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Activewear Trend forecast AW 2023/24
S/S 2024/25 Intimate and Loungewear

S/S 2024/25 Intimate Key consumer lifestyle Directions

Balancing brand positioning with business results is one of the most challenging aspects - but achievable. Explore innovations and Consumer lifestyle trends, motivation and attitudes impacting future fashion product development directions across various Intimate and Loungewear markets. Covering the five consumer attitudes for S/S 2024/25 Intimate design development.

S/S 2024/25 Intimate and Loungewear
S/S 2024/25 Intimate and Loungewear
S/S 2024/25 Intimate and Loungewear
S/S 2024/25 Intimate and Loungewear- Dsquared2

S/S 2024/25 Intimate and Loungewear Key Items

The event focuses on S/S 2024/25 seasonal items direction for Intimate and Loungewear. Covering the Major intimate and loungewear clothing categories and consumer mapping of the season influences the buying behaviors and Range Planning.

S/S 2024/25 Intimate and Loungewear

Key topics covered

  1. Categories-Intimate, Bottom, and loungewear
  2. Color
  3. Prints and patterns
  4. Capsule collection and Range Planning
  5. Key Details 
  6. Accessories
  7. Fabrics and Materials
S/S 2024/25 Intimate and Loungewear- Fruity Booty

What you’ll gain

  1. Tailored advice in our end-of-session live Q&A
  2. Free men's S/S 2023 Intimate accessory Trend report.
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