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The spirit of rebellion has permeated our culture, driven by a resolve to do away with the same old processes and codes. Cultural internationalization have led to a certain leveling-out effect, but it has also boosted the visibility of niche cultures that go counter-current in a standardized world perceived through uniform filters. Whether rebellious by nature or fighting for a particular cause, these young people are breaking out and moving beyond clichés. They abide by their own codes of trans-culture and transgender. The creative industries, representative of their day and age, are revamping their own codes and processes to help realize this transformation.

Anti Establishment movement

The millennials are impatient, looking for solution through their own efforts. They lost faith in Government.  Life today has been rocked by crises on every front – social, societal, environmental and political – and people now think that solutions are not to be found by the elites or political leaders on high, but at grassroots level. Some have decided to take up the fight and become agents of change

Anti-Luxury - The product value is important

The new modern consumers staying away from the luxury phenomena. Millennials are now more into Individual style, designer labels do not influence them but rather the uniqueness.

Our report says more than 70% consumers prefer subtle brand label on the luxury bags. The customers are now forcing designers to come up with the price that the product deserves to.

Horizontal generation

They don’t acknowledge chain of command, politicians, elders or property. Millenials have a collaborative vision of the world where exchange is the mindset. Essentially highlighting the concept of usage, Millenials pave their own way in the system, exploiting its flaws. If the solution is often digital, it’s because they start seeking it from their own needs, to facilitate every moment of their life. Those new ‘Silicon Valley hippies’, as much as many others from around the world, claim a position of designers when it comes to make the world a better place.

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