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As we see the current trend blur has been taking over the world with the wave. How people are coming up on the podium to support people who are discouraged by the society just because they are from different caste creed gender or color or they have different way of living or believe.

This is not just a wave for righteous freedom demand or protesting in a rally or parade. It’s now becoming a major lifestyle trend and it is influencing and changing the mindset of people and the way they live in their daily life.

Architecture : Genderless Public Washrooms

Restrooms are the only category of public spaces that are still segregated by gender, and that can be traced back to the 1880s. But as societal roles for men and women changed, and as a broadened understanding of gender fluidity and identity has taken hold, the original intention to remedy inequity has been subverted.

Instead, because public bathrooms need to be designated male or female, it forces transgender and nonconforming individuals to choose between the two, sometimes leading them into uncomfortable or unsafe situations. The code leaves architects with a choice, too: take the easy route and design single and multi-occupancy bathrooms labeled “male” or “female,” or design around the code–the latter of which often takes more creativity and resources.

Currently, 19 states and the District of Columbia have laws on the books extending to transgender people non-discrimination protections in access to public accommodations and the ability to use the restroom consistent with their gender identity. More than 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies have adopted gender identity protections.

Architects are pushing back on measures like North Carolina’s hateful HB2 law, which forces  transgender students in public schools to use restrooms and other facilities inconsistent with their gender identity. They are finding their own creative solutions to make safe space for everyone

1. Recruitment No names, no bias?

IF YOU’VE got the grades, the skills and the determination, this government will ensure you can succeed,” trumpeted David Cameron, the British prime minister, on October 26th, as he unveiled plans to tackle discrimination in the workplace. Ten big employers in the public and private sectors—including the civil service, HSBC and Deloitte—have agreed to start recruiting on a “name-blind” basis in Britain; others may also follow suit. In such schemes, those drawing up shortlists of applicants cannot see their names, with the aim of reducing racial and sexual bias.


Going name-blind when short listing candidates may be a sensible start, but it is likely to be just a small step towards ending hiring bias and blurring the lines of discrimination.

Targeting : Children

It’s not just the rage in living style or working style. to educate children and to enlighten them with the broader topic of transgender and to develop a very friendly and positive thinking cartoon are also paving its way.

A transgender cartoon called Shezow. which is breaking the streotype and “another attempt by the gay, lesbian and transgender community to indoctrinate our children into accepting their lifestyles,” OMM officials continue: “It won’t be long before little boys are saying, ‘I want to be a girl, so I can help people and save the world!”


Racism continues to be a major issue around the world and for a long time campaigns against it have been limited to television, online platforms, billboards and other traditional mediums.

In the past few years new apps have been released with the intention of keeping people safe by acting as a neighborhood watch tool. These tools have been found to reinforce racial stereotypes and discrimination.

Different organisations in Australia, the US, France, the UK and Canada have created anti-racism apps designed to act as educational interventions on mobile phones to counteract the existing models. These apps have targeted highly sensitive subjects such as race and class while also functioning as protective mechanisms.

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