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Anjali Lama, the first transgender model to walk the ramp for Lakme Fashion Week

Brace the Anjali for her grace and brave attitude to readying herself to create the history being the first transgender model to walk for the Lakme fashion week 2017 which is going to kick off from the Feb 1-5.

Anjali Lama comes from the Nuwakot, Nepal.  Like other transgenders she had to face the tortures, heart breaks and social cruelty. While working in a hotel to pay her way through college, Anjali happened to catch a TV program on Nepal's transgender community.  After contacting the Blue Diamond Society, an organization that works for sexual minorities, she finally chose to live by her true identity. "I came out in 2005, and it was a torturous experience. I don't want to repeat the cruel names I was called. When my family found out, they said I was dead to them. Only my mother kept contact, she gave me the strength to stand by my decision."

Anjali Lama's career

Anjali Lama first transgender model
Anjali Lama first transgender model

 Anajli Lama's life was never easy being from transgender community, despite the backlash, Anjali's decision to embrace her true identity began to pay off. She put that Alpine bone structure to use, landing the cover of 'Voice Of Women' in 2009. "My friends told me I was not meant to be stuck in Nepal, that I should try to become an international supermodel."

She had tried to take part in Lakme fashion week summer resort 2016, but she was rejected by the panal. That rejection shaken her dream to the core. 

"I remember feeling quite helpless and even considered giving up on fashion," she says. "But she decided to try again and this time,  she did research. watched videos of models walking the ramp, changed her make-up and wardrobe. She practiced posing in front of the mirror  and finally it worked for her

Anajali Lama's dream

Now there's just one thing left on this 32-year-old model's bucket list. "her dream is to walk for Manish Malhotra."  

The Lakme fashion week 2017 shows Model audition is already picking up and we can see how the history is in making as Lakme is now also giving chance to plus size model at this season.

The first Transgender Model to walk at Milan- 

Hari Nef became the first transgender model walk for the Gucci Men's Pre fall 2016 Mshow. Nef was the first transgender model to sign with IMG, the same modeling agency as Gisele Bündchen, Gigi Hadid, and Kate Moss. In an article Nef wrote for Lenny Letter, she described a conversation she had with IMG's president, Ivan Bart, before he signed her. According to Bart, IMG had met with transgender models in the past but passed on signing them when it became apparent that they were not interested in doing jobs that brought attention to their gender identities. They wanted to be seen as models, not transgender models.

Hari Nef
Hari Nef for the Gucci fall 2016 menswear show in Milan, Italy, on Jan. 18.