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comfort leads the day 3 at Lakme fashion week SR 2016

Mumbai- Its day 3 of Lakme fashion week summer resort 16, already we witnessed lots of colour, silhouettes and talks. The show started with refreshing floral prints and pattern. From Ajay Kumar to Aiman the mood is exotic, inspiration is flora and fauna, the inner spirit of comfortable dressing. At F-trend we only bring the most important collection which are having potential to be commecrially successful.

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Aiman - Lakme fashion week day3 details

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Color- Dark blue, pastel blue to powder pink is the key color of the collection. Aiman had limited choice of color which perfectly goes with the collection.

Silhouettes- Comfort is the key of todays consumers, and Aiman knows it well, from fluid soft hour glass dresses to shirt, skirt, and light shirt jacket is all about the amazing collection. F-trend believes it to be the most consumer friendly collection

Print- Flora and fauna being the key print inspiration of the Aiman's show. 

Ajay Kumar collection

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Ajay Kumar's exotic collection is truely floral collection, maximalism at best. He presented men's and women's collection at today's show.

Colour- Sea blue, white, coral and grey being the key colour of the collection.

Print- floral prints with abstract lines and shapes is the key of the print

Silhouettes- Long full sleeve colar Shirt , jacket, slim casual pants to wide legged pant is the key silhoeuttes for the menswear collection while he also presented skirt dress with white collar detailings alligned with full sleeve.

Payal Singhal's collection

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Payal Singhal is yet another designer in a row to play with floral print's at day 3 of lakme fashion week. She presented various mix of silhouettes from Indian to western style.

Colour- Dark blue, brown red to pastel shades of blue and hues of black

Print- Floral prints and floral embroidery work on organza fabric